WSN Projects on MATLAB for Engineering Students

Takeoff Projects team members are highly skilled and have a strong belief that the WSN projects in MATLAB will be a valuable learning tool that boosts the confidence of students to complete and accomplish their academic goals in wireless communications and IoT. We consider that not only should students learn about WSN and MATLAB in theory, but more importantly, they will need practical skills and experience for their future careers and the next generation of engineers, scientists, and researchers.
List of WSN Projects on MATLAB for Students & Researchers:
1.Design and Application of Intelligent Agriculture Service System with LoRa-based on Wireless Sensor Network:
This project proposes a low-power farm environment detection system based on LoRa wireless technology. In view of the current intelligent agriculture's collection and processing of production site data and the control requirements of related equipment, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, GPRS traditional wireless sensing technology has short trans-mission distance and signal interference in greenhouse environment monitoring systems such as large-scale farms. Shortcomings such as complex networking
2.Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Wireless Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks:
In this project, we mainly concentrate on harvesting the energy in WSN. The Energy Harvesting (EH) sensors have been proposed to overcome the mentioned problem in recent years. These sensors can harvest their required energy from environment in different methods, resulting in longer life time.
3.Energy-Neutral Wireless Sensor Network Based on SWIPT in Wireless Powered Communication Networks:
In this project, we introduce a novel ENO framework. For energy-neutral operation (ENO) of wireless sensor networks (WSNs), we consider a WSN deployed in a wireless powered communication network. In this network, sensor nodes with high harvesting energies and good link budgets have energy remaining after sending their data to the cluster head (CH), whereas the