Why should international students choose to study Media & Communication at Swinburne Vietnam?

In the digital transformation era of the industrial revolution 4.0, the Multimedia industry is gaining strong momentum thanks to the development speed of the internet and technology applications.
Swinburne's Multimedia major is ranked 151st in the world by QS2020 subject. Survey data shows that Swinburne graduates often have the highest starting salaries in Victoria – Australia.
At Swinburne, students will be equipped with foundational knowledge such as: Business, Marketing, Customer Behavior, Branding and especially Digital Marketing, Introduction to Multimedia Communication, Professional Communication, Creative Content creation, Development of the Media industry in the world.
After learning the foundation, students will have access to specialized and advanced knowledge. Areas of expertise in the Multimedia industry include: Advertising, Media and Public Relations, Social Media, Digital Advertising Technology, Film and Screen Studies, Games and Futures Writing, Journalism, Creative Literature, Professional Writing and Editing…
The Multimedia Communication training program at Swinburne is a combination of Media & Communication industry curriculum from Australia and the participation of industry experts from FPT Corporation as well as large enterprises in Vietnam.
This combination aims to equip students with the necessary requirements for the Multimedia industry in Vietnam, but at the same time, it also helps young people to form the ability to work in the Media industry anywhere in the world.