Why should international students choose to study Business Administration at FPT University Vietnam?

At FPT University, students of Business Administration are taught how to earn money, how to increase profits, and how to enter the marketplace. “I do not see much difference between FPT University and universities in the US,” said Dr. Everrett Myer, Head of Corporate Finance Department at New York University, USA. “All ages, from young to old people need education to improve and realize their dreams. In my opinion, this is a source of knowledge to help them do that”.

This program aims to develop a student’s business acumen and management capabilities through an innovative and internationally recognised program built on the expertise of the leading professionals in the discipline.

Students will have advanced training in accordance with international ACBSP accreditation standards in business and management training, dynamic learning environments and modern technical infrastructure. This will help improve management skills including business planning, product distribution strategy, price policy, market research, product marketing and brand communication.

Understanding the demand for human resources of enterprises in Industry 4.0, FPT University has opened a program on Digital Marketing, which is in high demand from both students and businesses.

FPT also offers on-the job-training for most of its courses, including Business Administration. On-the-job training creates opportunities for students to join real projects, real international working environments and gain valuable hands-on experience. This optional module brings the competitive edge and highly increases the chance of gaining employment after graduation.