Why is Vietnam an Ideal Budget Destination for International Students?

It is obvious that studying abroad is a dream for students, not only promoting personal growth but enriching cultural experience incomparable. However, not all students have the chance to study abroad. One of the main reasons is financial difficulty. Luckily for all students who desire to hop on a plane to a foreign country and gain international experience on a budget, study abroad in Vietnam may be just what you are looking for.

Vietnam (the Socialist Republic of Vietnam) is one of the most dynamic emerging countries in the Southeast Asia region. Vietnam is a fairly cheap destination for traveling, studying, and living compared to most other countries in Asia. It is also filled with friendly people, affordable accommodation, cheap, healthy, and tasty food, and stunning landscapes that make it a standout choice among Southeast Asian study abroad destinations.

Vietnam is also a fast-moving country with a high speed of internationalization and numerous prospective educational and career opportunities, thanks to its recent economic growth. According to the World Economic Forum, the country is one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia and home to two of the most dynamic cities in the world – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
From Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, Vietnam’s higher education universities & institutions offer a broader and broader range of programs which are taught in English, aiming to provide international study environments for Vietnamese students as well as to prepare them English & skills for future integration. With the fast growth in the economy and globalization, leading universities and institutions have started to recruit international students to come and study in Vietnam, which makes the country come closer to multi–culturalization and integration.