Why Customer Loyalty Depends On Your Delivery Packaging

What’s in a packaging? According to a study conducted by Dotcom Distribution, a logistics solutions provider, there is more to it than just the product inside. Nearly 52 percent of customers who were surveyed for the study revealed that they made repeat purchases from online merchants that delivered the product in premium, uniquely branded box or bags. This is mostly true if the merchant offers premium packages to customers who buy in their stores.

The importance of packaging cannot be overstated. Packaging is indeed one of the five important ‘Ps’ of marketing and immensely impacts the branding, positioning and saleability of a product. However, most discussions on packaging tend to be about the labeled box, can or cover the usable product comes in. With ecommerce replacing physical stores as the platform of choice among most customers in the western world, there is a growing need to study the impact of the delivery package and how that impacts customer perception and loyalty.

Truth be told, the delivery packages are not an advertised commodity. When a customer clicks ‘buy’ on a product, their purchasing decision is influenced by the product packaging among other things. However, according to the Dotcom Distribution study, even delivery packages – the cardboard boxes that protect the product during delivery – could serve as an important factor that determines repeat purchases. To be clear, we are not talking about product loyalty here, but of platform loyalty – that is, while the customer could continue to buy their pet food from the same manufacturer, they could choose Amazon instead of your company if they liked Amazon’s delivery packages over yours.

Why is this the case? According to Custom Boxes Now, a company that specializes in the manufacture of custom printed boxes, these packages help “attract attention, enhance the un-packaging experience, helps build brand identity, and continues doing your advertisin

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