Why choose Swinburne (Vietnam)?

Swinburne Vietnam is an international alliance between Swinburne University of Technology in Australia and FPT Education. Swinburne Vietnam equips students with the knowledge and capabilities they need to establish successful careers through high-quality teaching and industry engagement. Besides, FPT University is a leading technological university in Vietnam. The alliance is also supported by the FPT Corporation, a leading information technology corporation in Vietnam. The support of the FPT Corporation provides great opportunities for students to experience industries and integrate with the international working environment during their time of studying.
1. A world-ranked university
Students graduated from Swinburne Vietnam will be awarded the degree the same as the degree from a student studying in Australia. Swinburne is a well-ranking university in the world.
2. Support services for international students
At Swinburne Vietnam, the school offers a variety of services to help students achieve their academic and life-enhancing goals while still a student.
Student health is a concern at Swinburne. The school has dedicated International Student Advisors who can advise on academic and personal needs. They can help students access academic support, medical services, and counseling.
3. Quality teaching
At Swinburne, students will learn from experienced staff. Our courses provide access to opportunities that allow students to learn in creative ways.
4. Prepare for your career
Swinburne is recognised for producing graduates who are ready for employment. The school offers a wide range of programs that extend beyond what students learn in the classroom to prepare them for their careers.
5. Fantastic facilities
Swinburne Vietnam’s Hanoi campus has state-of-the-art laboratories and teaching facilities including modern classrooms, innovation lab, international library, entertainment room, coffee shop, healthcare services, and student advice at the central of Hanoi.