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Why Build Mobile Friendly, Responsive Websites – SAS Digital Agency

Why Build Mobile Friendly, Responsive Websites – SAS Digital Agency

Submitted by • February 14, 2018

In today’s digital world, the consumer has become savvy as well as busy. They spend less and less time going through detailed websites. They are using their cell phones to access content. The world is coming up with more and more brands, more and more content. We all reach for our cell phones, waiting for the bus to arrive, or for food to finish warming up in the microwave. Mobile friendly, responsive websites are key to building a brand and giving relevant content to the audience.

People don’t like to wait for information. Easier domain names, quicker content blocks that are easy to read, and fast loading websites on cell phones, all help. Studies indicate that 32% consumers would abandon a website if it is slow. Studies also indicate that bounce rate can be improved by 30% if the page size is reduced, and site speed is improved.

Case for Building a Responsive Website
A mobile friendly, responsive website helps your audience to check your website on various platforms and screens, fr

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