Which is Better, Magnesia Brick or High Alumina Brick?

Magnesia bricks and high alumina bricks are two kinds of refractory brick products with different materials and properties. Both can be used on high-temperature kiln linings. When it comes to magnesia bricks and high alumina bricks which one is better? Want to know the answer to this question, to solve the problem that many customers make when choosing. Refractory brick manufacturers will give targeted answers based on the characteristics and uses of magnesia bricks and high alumina bricks.
Finally, let’s conclude. For the refractory bricks of two different properties, magnesia bricks, and high alumina bricks, which one is better is inconclusive. However, no matter which one is chosen as the refractory lining, we need to understand our production needs and the demand for refractory lining materials. Only in this way, not only can the problem of refractory lining be solved, but also the production cost can be saved. Magnesia bricks and high alumina bricks are two commonly used products in our kiln masonry and repair. Before choosing to use, it is necessary to analyze and confirm the characteristics of the brick material and its use properties to avoid losses caused by wrong choices. Contact us to get free refractory lining solutions for high-temperature kilns, and even have a chance to get free trial refractory brick products.