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When Does The Effects Of Sade Sati End?

When Does The Effects Of Sade Sati End?

Submitted by • January 14, 2019

In Vedic astrology, Saturn’s transit is considered to be the slowest amongst the nine planets. Since, lord Saturn takes 2.5 years to travel form one zodiac sign to the other. Hence, the results of Saturn will be slow to show effects. Now a Sade sathi or Saturn’s 7.5 years transit would be reckoned when Saturn would transit over three zodiac signs for 2.5 years each. Thus, a Saturn or Shani sade sathi calculator is nothing but transit of Saturn in three zodiac signs for 2.5 years each, totalling to 7.5 years. Again, to the question, when sade sathi is over for a zodiac sign? then the answer is after the transit of Saturn for 7.5 years.

Now, the question is how is the zodiac sign decided to reckon 7.5 years of Saturn’s transit. Then the answer is from the Natal moon sign in the horoscope of an individual. From here, Saturn should transit over three zodiac signs. Which means, form the 12th sign of the natal Moon, then the natal Moon sign and the 2nd house form the Natal Moon sign. Let us

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