What is the right direction to place your Solar Panels Sydney?

People by now know very evidently that solar panels Sydney are benefitting for their home, and that is the reason for the increased rooftop installation of solar in Sydney. You are reducing your energy bills and helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

We are sure if you have made your decision to go solar, you want it as soon as possible. But make sure you don’t make any mistakes in hurrying the process. The solar installation process is both dreary and precise. Due to these reasons, it’s important to hire a professional solar installer Sydney has.

One of the most important question you must consider is, what is the right direction to place your solar panels Sydney? If you choose a DIY installation, you can surely make a positioning mistake while placing your solar panels Sydney. If this does happen, it will reduce your solar panels’ efficiency and affect your energy savings.

Which is the best direction for your Solar Panels Sydney?
There’s only one answer to this question: North. Regardless of where you live in Sydney, your solar panels should face north to achieve maximum power generation output.

Depending on your home’s positioning, you have the flexibility to face your panels northeast or northwest.

Ideally, panels mounted on a standard pitch roof would face North, allowing for maximum production. If your panels are placed facing northeast or northwest due to the positioning of your house, you can still expect them to produce energy but just 10% less due to direction facing. That will still be enough power for your home.

Make sure your experienced solar company Sydney installs the panels in the correct direction. The monitoring system also allows you to track your solar panel Sydney’s performance.

What Happens If Your Roof Doesn’t Face North?
If you cannot place your solar panels Sydney facing North, it’s not an issue. We have several options to help you:

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