What is hashtag ? How does #tag in social media affect online businesses?

What are Hashtags?

People use hashtags in their social media posts, which are keywords or phrases followed by the #hashtags. As a result, it effectively makes your post's content accessible to anyone with comparable interests. For instance, if you've an online business of electronics items and want to reach potential customers. A simple "#electronics" use on any social media platform will reach potential customers news feed with all of the newest deals, rumours, and hacks in the field. The contents you use in the feed are the sum of all users' posts. So #tags are searchable links on posts that display a real-time live feed of every other post tagged with the same hashtag when you click them.

When used correctly, hashtags may be extremely effective. Explore with #hashtags, since they are immensely effective techniques that can connect you with hundreds, even millions of people all over the world. Hopefully, you've realised the importance of hashtags by now.