What frameworks can be perfect to develop cross-platform applications?

Today, when Mobile applications have completely overhauled the basic principles of business and no business can take risk of being absent on the leading app platform like Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, Cross-platform app development has come on the scene as the predominant option for the businesses to be present on Android as well as iOS.

Before we move on, let's discover what is a Cross-Platform Framework and why is it so important in today’s highly disruptive and mobile app scenario.

What is a Cross-Platform Framework?
In simple language, Cross-Platform is a type of computing software that we can use to invent another software or service which is usable on various platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc.

A cross-platform framework refers to a kind of computer software that can be operated efficiently on diversified computing platforms with s/ingle code-base.

The applications invented on this cross-platform framework do not need different coding for different platforms.

Today, Cross-Platform Framework has emerged as an inevitable priority for every business from a small store to a multi-million company because of the benefits it offers. Let’s have a look at some of the cross-platform development benefits which are as follows:

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