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WBM International Bath Salt Soap Bars

WBM International Bath Salt Soap Bars

Submitted by • October 30, 2018

Natural Bath Salt
Natural solution is the brand of WBM International that offers the multiple beauty and health care products to keep you healthy and clean. Our bath salt and soap bar category contains the large range of natural and organic soap bars, bath salts and body soaks. Our soaps bars are imposed using natural and organic ingredients like (Shea butter, green tea, sunflower oil, oatmeal, turmeric and neem etc.). Our body soaps are 100% organic and Himalayan pink salt is the major ingredient in all these soap bars that can help to detoxify and clean your body completely. Our organic soap bars are free from chemicals and other additives. We also offer mild baby soap for your infant that is imposed of organic sunflower seed oil.

We also offer Himalayan pink salt bath salt and body soak. The salt is extracted from the purest source that is Khewra, Punjab region of Pakistan. This salt is rich with 84 essential minerals that are best for human body nourishment. Taking bath with pink

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