Washable Cotton Mask in Melbourne from My Reusable Masks

Say goodbye to wasteful, single-use non-surgical masks with a washable cotton mask. If you’re looking for a sustainable face mask in Melbourne, My Reusable Masks has the smart solutions for you. Certified with CE marking, our washable cotton masks are a cut above the rest: both our Nano Silver and Nano-treated antibacterial fabric face coverings.

Our Nano Silver masks come with three integrated layers. The outer layer is made of cotton fabric, which provides user comfort. With a Nano silver polyester padding, the middle layer filters out particles of bacteria that pass through the cotton outer layer. The inside layer is soft and suitable for all skin types as it is made of antibacterial knitted fabric.

As for our Nano-treated masks, both the outer and inner layers are made of water-resistant and antibacterial woven fabric, combining 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Made of 100% polyester, the middle layer comes with antibacterial padding.

Wearing a face mask in Melbourne doesn’t have to involve contributing to more waste. With a washable cotton mask from My Reusable Masks, you can wash it at 40-60 degrees Celsius by up to 30 times. That’s as sustainable as can be.

When it comes to sustainable face mask in Melbourne, you can trust My Reusable Masks. Get your own washable cotton mask today. If you’re within 10km of Cheltenham, you can avail of our free delivery offer when you order two or more masks.

For enquiries, call us at 0488 202 971 or email info@myreusablemasks.com.

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