Vidur Bhardwaj- Noida’s Green Man

Vidur Bhardwaj, a well-known for his work as a consultant and an architect in various cities across India. His consultation in Green Sustainable Development has given positive results to his clients in India and abroad as well. He is known for his extraordinary work in multiple industries in various geographical coordinated across India. He promotes “Green Buildings” which is beneficial for the environment. He has worked on many “Eco-Friendly” initiatives and structures. He has not limited himself in certain areas of green based construction, he has worked on green-based offices, commercial areas, and residential complexes. Vidur Bhardwaj believes in sustainable development for conserving the resources of our planet. Latest power and water-saving technologies have been embraced by him in various projects. Eco-friendly solutions such as rainwater harvesting and solar energy are standard features of his projects.

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