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Types Of Keywords By Length – One Must Know

Types Of Keywords By Length – One Must Know

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A successful search strategy is based on focusing on the accurate types of keywords. Keywords are the most significant elements that decide the positioning a page. They are the foremost step to an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
When a successful SEO has been executed, your business is prepared to generate organic traffic. There are three types of keywords specified by their length:
• Short-tail keywords
• Mid-tail keywords
• Long-tail keywords
Now, let take a look on the types of keywords:
1. Long-Tail Keywords: Long-tail keywords are one of the most specific and targeted keyword types when compared to short or mid-tail ones. These keywords typically have low search traffic and are low competitive keyword, which makes them easier to rank for as they are more specific and the visitor that finds your website through long-tail keywords are more likely to buy your service or product.
Example: best jogging shoes for bad knees
2. Short-Tail Keywords: Short-tail keywords c

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