TrustMoon Bounty Program Is Distributing 25 Trillion Reward Tokens

• TrustMoon announces its Bounty Program on 13th May 2021.
• Our team is distributing 25 trillion TrustMoon tokens in the bounty campaign.
• The token presale is set to go live on 1st June 2021 with the major token giveaway.
• It will also run an event to list tokens on PancakeSwap and 1icnh on 4th June 2021 to add liquidity.
• Defi wallet, exchange, loans, insurance, and staking is yet to be released with exclusive facets for regular users.
TrustMoon Network has launched a bounty reward program on 13th May 2021, where participants hold an opportunity to earn free tokens rapidly. The participants should complete various bounty tasks to grab TrustMoon tokens.
Pay-outs will be made few weeks after every month. The team has also planned for the future for the best bounty hunters. They will be provided a good opportunity to earn rewards in addition to TrustMoon tokens after analysing their performance on a consistent basis.
In the form, every single detail about individual bounty task is mentioned. Go through every section thoroughly and fill out the required details:
• Choose the bounty program type you are picking;
• Enter your Twitter profile link;
• Feed in the Telegram ID;
• Enter the link of published video/article, and
• Give us your BEP20 address for transferring the TrustMoon tokens.
TrustMoon Tokenomics
• Token Name: TrustMoon
• Symbol: $TrustMoon
• Total supply: 1 Quadrillion Tokens
• Expected Holders: 4050000
• Estimated Growth: 5000%
• Market Cap: $8.9B
• Referral Bounty: 25% of the total supply
The interested participants can also purchase TrustMoon tokens on BSC Scan and PancakeSwap. Here is the link:
1. TrustMoon BSC Scan address:
2. TrustMoon Tokens on PancakeSwap:

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