Trademark registration in delhi

Trademark Registration Processing Time
Free Trademark Search

Our Trademark Attorney will play out a Trademark Search to check the accessibility of the coveted name or logo or outline. When it is affirmed that coveted stamp has neither as of now been taken nor excessively comparative, making it impossible to a current trademark, we can continue facilitate with the installment for the Trademark Registration. You can likewise look through the accessibility of trademark through our Trademark Search bar to well guarantee the accessibility. This is a free administration.
TM-1 Application Filing

When we guarantee that the coveted stamp is selective, we will send you an authorisation letter which must be properly marked by you and come back to us which offer authorisation to our lawyer to record a Trademark application for the clients. On receipt of the authorisation letter, our Trademark Attorney will set up the trademark application in view of the data gave and a see is sent to you before petitioning for affirmation and marking. We record the same with ipindia and consequently, we will give you a receipt and TM application number. When the application is recorded, you can begin utilizing the 'TM' image with your image name.

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