Top 5 Tips To Choose An Appropriate Ute Canopy | OZY Toolbox Centre

Selecting the right Ute canopy is very important, and in doing so, will reduce future costs. You first need to identify what you require the canopy to do, i.e., to suit your current and future needs. There are various types of canopies that are available: full, part, and large canopies. Full canopies are enclosed boxes containing three doors, ensuring easy access.

The full aluminium canopies at OZY are an attractive choice for people who want the option to install shelving and carry weight above. They are sealed in a way to assure minimum contact with external effects. Keep in mind, though, whatever you add to the back of your ute is the weight. The weight of each option affects your GVM and your available payload, which will determine what you can load into and also tow with the vehicle.

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