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Top 10 crickets Memorable In Cricket

Top 10 crickets Memorable In Cricket

Submitted by • March 21, 2020

Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar, and Shane Warne, three of the best

Lara and Tendulkar will feature in the Road Safety World Series

Three Australians make the Top 10 unforgettable cricketers

The game of cricket is much more than just a game for many. In India, it is a way of life. Some fans also consider it as a religion of their own and idolize their favorite players. In India, young kids are often influenced by the actions of their favorite cricket icon.

Sometimes it was mimicking their batting or bowling style, to even copying the way they carry themselves on and off the field. That’s what you call ardent fans of the gentleman’s game.

Over the years a lot of cricketers have come and gone and left footprints on the pages of history. Starting from W Grace to Don Bradman and coming to more recent stars like Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara, fans have chosen their favorites over each period of time.

Here are the ten most unforgettable cricketers who have left the maximum impact on

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