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The Reason Why Everyone Love Delhi To Agra Tour

The Reason Why Everyone Love Delhi To Agra Tour

Submitted by • November 23, 2019

Wish to realize a dream vacation? Welcome to the amazing and beautiful tourism city of the Taj Mahal - Agra. India offers its treasure trove for the entire tourist from India and abroad. Taj Mahal is the inspiration of love, poem in white marble, one of the Seven Wonders of the World besides being the pride of India. India has contributed to Agar tourism. Terrific Agra packages from us will ensure you trip your Agra travel soon. Agra is a beautiful city that situated on the banks of the Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh. The city has a rich historical background which is evident from the number of monuments in the city. The earliest reference to Agra dates thousands year back to the period of Mahabharata where it is referred to as Agravana. Agra is one of the most visited cities of India. Sound infrastructure of the city encourages many visitors to plan a road trip either by personal or private cabs.

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