The High ROI Return on Investment factor

ROI means Return on Investment, in simple words ROI, is a ratio of how much you invest and the net income from it. A high ROI means your investment gains significantly more value than its cost. The major reason you want to invest in the Jodhpur Property is that it is way cheaper than the value in other metropolitan cities. That means Jodhpur property price appreciation is going to get a boost in the coming years. Buy Villa in Jodhpur You invest it in the properties now and in coming years you will see the results. Rajasthan has a comparatively low tax rate than the other state, which is also a variable for the investors to take a risk about. Jodhpur under-construction properties have a GST rate of 5% and for affordable housing apartments, the GST rate is only about 1%. According to data shared by Makaan and, the average property price in Jodhpur is approximately 52 lakhs INR, per square feet the price is approx. ₹ 3,500 /- where on the other hand cities like Mumbai average property price per square feet is ₹10,610 /-, in Kolkata ₹4,390 /-, in Bengaluru ₹5,000 /-. Jodhpur is at the top of the list of cheap pricing properties.

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