The Farmhouses by Damac Offers 5 & 6 Bedroom Farmhouses at Damac Hills 2

Damac Hills 2 is the new home of The Farmhouses by Damac, which provide 5 and 6-bedroom luxury residences in the heart of Dubai. The house of your dreams might be in a secluded location near all of your favourite things.
Aspirations and ambitions, rather than bricks and cement, hold everything together. Get out of the concrete jungle and find a place where you can hear the birds and smell the flowers again. Change your monotonous urban panoramas with beautiful nature landscapes and watch your quality of life improve.
Change your lifestyle to be more ecologically conscious at your new farmhouse, which has lots of room for you to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

Welcome to The Farmhouses at Damac Hills 2, where the ordinary expresses itself with a unique appeal that mixes community, exercise, wellness, and environment. View life in a new light as you embrace the unique, the thrilling, and the adventurous in a neighbourhood that provides many adventures, exquisite living in magnificent locations, and a sense of community for everybody.