Telemedicine Practice Enhances Patient Safety

The practice of health and medication has improved immensely since the beginning of this century. According to a report, the aspect of medical diagnosis has improved by almost 45% since the last decade. The accuracy in diagnosing cancer has increased by 90% as well.

However, the issue of the patient is yet to be resolved by such technological advancement. As per Harvard, almost 5.2 million people in India tend to experience the impact of medical errors in a hospital. To put it on a record, around 250,000 people lost their lives in the USA due to the same reason alone.

Nonetheless, according to several Indian ICU critical care experts, such a drastic scenario can be changed through the implementation of a Tele-ICU system. But, how does it do so? Let’s learn more in this context.

Improved Outcome
As you may know, a telemedicine infrastructure can improve the productivity and collaborative excellent of a medical team affluently. A recent study in this regard has unfolded that almost 79% of people agree that the said technology can improve a nurse’s efficiency. Many Indian ICU critical care experts think that it can boost one’s job performance as well. A research module has also found out that only 6% of patients (using Tele-ICU) needed a follow-up for a certain condition. In comparison, almost 13% of people required the same while visiting a physician’s chamber.

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