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Tech Silva Gamification Implementation| Responsive Web Design

Tech Silva Gamification Implementation| Responsive Web Design

Submitted by • May 15, 2018

The delivery of Gamified experiences often involves enhancing existing web and mobile applications to add game elements to them. E.g. Scores in scorecards/leaderboards are mapped to the player’s contextual data such as number of sales orders or purchases etc. Such implementations involve system integration activities and follow the complete software change lifecycle. This is a core area of strength, given our focus in SOA and Integration. We implement turn-key Gamification initiatives and own the results. Read more about this approach here: The Power Trio: Integration through SOA, Enterprise Mobility & Gamification
A point to note however is: not all gamification implementations are about enhancing existing applications. There may be new areas that need addressing through Gamification as a means OR applications that do not render themselves to be gamified. In such instances, we develop new gamified applications, starting with a pilot implementation, moving to a full-fledged set-up.

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