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Feesback – The online admission platform for children's education.

FEESBACK, the online admission and fee payment platform that revolutionizes the way parents manage their children's education. Our platform caters to schools, pre-schools, daycare centers, and tuition classes, providing a... Read More

SCHOLAR: An ERP-based school management system developed by 3sd Solutions that can ease the internal workflow of any school. This product helps all teachers, students, and their parents come together... Read More

YES Germany, the Top German Education Consultant in Hyderabad is your dedicated partner in making your Bachelor's or Master's in Germany aspirations come true. Yes Germany, the Top education ​German ​education... Read More

Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU) is a special school officially recognized by Pakistan's Higher Education Commission (HEC). It's been around since 1887, one of South Asia's oldest and most respected... Read More

Advanced Marketing Strategies are the key to staying relevant and competitive in Digital Marketing. By embracing data-driven decisions, personalization, and cutting-edge technology, businesses can connect with their audience deeper and... Read More

Conserving and Restoring Ecological Functionality

The Habitats Trust has a special focus on the conservation of lesser-known species and habitats that are threatened, but often neglected and are in urgent need of conservation attention. Our... Read More

Iqra University Karachi Pakistan

Let's dive into the exciting world of Iqra University Karachi! This special place is about fantastic education in Karachi, a big city in Pakistan. Their main campus in the Defense... Read More

Vanasthali Phase 3 School in Students learn about their own talents and have the chance to maximize their development. The school's superb facilities and the supervision given by a highly... Read More

Metropolitan University Karachi

The Metropolitan University Karachi is like a new shining star in the world of education in Pakistan. It started in 2014 as a private school to teach many important things... Read More

KCG College of Technology is the TOP engineering colleges in chennai to fulfill the Founder-Chairman, Dr KCG Verghese’s vision of “To Make Everyman a Success and No Man a... Read More