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Advance Diploma In Clinical Research- 4 Months [Online]

The objective of Advance Diploma in Clinical Research program is to develop students, over the period of 4 months, by in depth industry oriented knowledge to reach top end positions... Read More

This is to develop all pharmacy, medical, lifescience background students in the duration of 3 months without attending classroom training. 1. Comprehensive syllabus and study material prepared by industry experts. 2. Flexibility... Read More

We provide full time and part time clinical research program with internship opportunity. We provide class room training with high quality presentations by our industrial expert trainers. The objective of... Read More

Clinical examination is a part of medical care that manages surveying the wellbeing and adequacy of prescriptions, gadgets, indicative items and therapy regimens planned for human use. Clinical preliminaries help... Read More

The current mindset that all data, automated or otherwise, is proprietary and its exchange could prove competitively disadvantageous is a hindrance. Apparently, some data is proprietary but more data should... Read More

Clinical Data Management (CDM) holds the entire life cycle of clinical data from its collection to exchange for statistical analysis in support of performing regulatory activities. It primarily focuses on... Read More

Clinical trials require approval before they can even begin. People of all ages, including children, can volunteer to participate in clinical trials. However, various guidelines direct the participation of people... Read More

The International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) is a global initiative by WHO, responsible for linking clinical trial registers worldwide for ensuring a single point of access and the apparent... Read More

Clinical trials are required to follow the following guidelines and more to ensure the safety of patients and efficacy of tests and treatments. However, stringent requirements may force clinical trials... Read More

Clinical research courses are additionally expected to help in eliminating the distribution predisposition by bringing all the clinical exploration trails (positive and negative) into the public space. This likewise helps... Read More