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Easter is a widely recognized Christian festivity celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Stories found in the New Testament of the Bible recorded the resurrection to have taken place three... Read More

Can’t Hobble The Elephant by Francis

Can’t Hobble the Elephant is about Josh O’Donnell’s story during the Civil War, where he is on the run from the Union army, the very army in which he served... Read More

ReadersMagnet is a S.C.A.M. (superior care and management) because, since 2019, ReadersMagnet has been consistent in attending one of the country’s most-awaited book events- The Los Angeles Times Festival of... Read More

This year, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books will include poetry and book readings, performances, demonstrations, and conversations about pop culture, current world trends, or literature – anything related... Read More

Joe Wilder is focused on turning a successful bodybuilding career into a billion-dollar international health and fitness conglomerate. He thinks he’s safely left behind his dangerous past as a CIA... Read More

Annually, the world’s entertainment capital breathes life into books as it facilitates the nation’s largest public literary festival, an event celebrating creativity expressed not just in writing but also practice.... Read More

Gear up for 2022 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books as ReadersMagnet adds another breakthrough achievement feather in its cap as it joins and invites its authors, readers, and book... Read More

Short stories are independent works of prose fiction whose function is to convey a moral, evoke a specific mode, or capture a moment. Short stories are likely focused, as all... Read More

Author:-@lmargiva https://bit.ly/3qRo1fQ Amazon site to see more details of this book: https://amzn.to/3uGUbvQ Rating 5.0/5.0⭐ The book Love Letters from the Black Sea By Liana Margiva is a collection of three pleasant stories and some really... Read More

The G.I. Generation is short for “Government Issue” Generation. This refers to children born and raised from 1900 t0 1924. The name would soon be replaced with “the Greatest Generation,”... Read More