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Binance CEO CZ:-" Binance US is looking at the IPO route"

On Friday, a blockchain virtual summit event “REDeFiNE Tomorrow” 2021 was organized by Thailand's oldest Siam Commercial Bank SCB 10X. In the event, Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao said that... Read More

Amazon may accept payments in crypto

Amazon may soon add a payment to be made in Bitcoin this year. As Bitcoinist concurring, Amazon needs someone with the ability to "develop among the installments and money related... Read More

Stone Ridge Asset Management to add bitcoin to its open-end mutual fund

Stone Ridge Asset Management has documented a new plan with US Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, to include Bitcoin (BTC) in its open-end mutual fund. On June 22, Stone... Read More

Mastercard is simplifying its payment card offering for crypto companies

On Tuesday, the global technology company Mastercard announced its plan to revised crypto card programme with crypto businesses to offer cards that will enable users to spend their crypto assets... Read More

Fed Chair Jerome Powell: You wouldn’t need cryptocurrencies if you had a digital US currency

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell stated that there has been a strong argument in the US digital dollar favour. It basically is the CBCD’s ability for undermining the stable coins... Read More

Visa's Customers have spent more than $1 billion using its crypto linked cards

In a recent statement that was released, Visa has now announced that customers with cards that are crypto enabled have spent more than $1 billion using its crypto-linked cards. Visa... Read More