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Penkraft | Art Forms | Image-Transfer

Image transfer is a wonderful art of transferring your favourite pictures or chosen images on different surfaces. It results in a look as if the image is printed on the... Read More

Penkraft | Art Forms | Decoupage

Spice up your modest furniture or storage boxes by learning Decoupage Art at Penkraft.This type of art uses layers of coloured paper cutouts from magazines or purpose-manufactured papers, that are... Read More

Penkraft | Art Forms | Fluid-Art

Attain visual gratification by enrolling yourself in our Fluid Art Workshop.Penkraft teaches you to create mesmerising designs with the pouring of paint onto canvas or MDF pieces. These paints are... Read More

Penkraft | Art Forms | Truck-Art

Trucks in India are a psychedelic display of interesting slogans emanating from rustic wisdom, a plethora of colors, an abundance of decorative articles, and countless convoluted symbols. They serve as... Read More

Penkraft | Art Forms | Kalighat

Kalighat Art, characterized by its bright colours and bold outlines, evolved as a unique genre of Indian painting in 19th-century Bengal. Done on cloth or ‘patas’, they depicted conventional images... Read More

Penkraft | Art Forms | Kalamkari

In ancient India, folk-singers wandered from one village to another, narrating stories from the epics, in ballads and songs, to the village folk. In course of time, this tradition of... Read More

Penkraft | Art Forms | Lippan-Art

Lippan Art, or Lippan Kaam also known as Mud and Mirror Work. Lippan or mud washing is an ethnic form of art done on inner walls of houses using mixture... Read More

Penkraft | Art Forms | Gond-Art

Each and every art of ancient India has a uniqueness about it. Have you heard about a painting style using dots, dashes and fine lines in it extensively, and that... Read More

Penkraft |Art Forms | Madhubani-Painting

Madhubani painting originated in a small village, known as Maithili, of the Bihar state of India. Initially, the women folk of the village drew the paintings on the walls of... Read More

Penkraft | Art Forms | Warli-Painting

The Warli Art form is the pictorial language used to represent the tribal folk art of the early tribes of Thane district, Maharashtra. It describes the dancing, hunting and cultivation of... Read More