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HTP Sprayer | Kisankraft | agriculture

HTP sprayer is a farming sprayer utilized for splashing exercises for Mango garden, apple, grape, espresso and elastic homes, these sprayers are especially used to shower tall trees like coconut,... Read More

Paddy weeder are available at reasonable price in India

Paddy weeder is used as an attachment for gatherer. It is a agriculture tool utilized for getting rid of unwanted roots or weeds from the paddy field viably without affecting... Read More

paddy transplanter manufacturer and supplier in Bangalore

paddy transplanter is an machine which is used for transplanting rice seedlings at a specified depth and space. Paddy Transplanters comes in two variants, which are manually operated and power... Read More

Knapsack Power Sprayers | Agriculture equipment

Knapsack Power Sprayer are a spraying machinery which is used in farms to protect the crops from pesticides and insecticides. This sprayer comes with a seperate synthetic tank which... Read More

Knapsack Power Sprayer | Agriculture Tools

Knapsack Power sprayer is precisely planned and exactness designed for their higher usefulness and strong work life. Knapsack Power Sprayer by KisanKraft is a splashing gadget which is generally utilized... Read More

Baffle reaper Manufacturer in India

Kisankraft Baffle Reaper machines are multipurpose controlled nursery or agrarian tools used to collect harvests like paddy, wheat, grass shaper, and trim yields like mulberry, weeds, grass in nurseries, and... Read More

Manual sprayer supplier in India

Manual sprayer is utilized to control bugs and to sprinkle creepy crawly toxic substances, pesticides and to shower supplement fabricated materials to the yields. KisanKraft manual sprayer accompanies 16L tank... Read More

Manual sprayers supplier in India

Manual sprayers are an Ideal to splash insect sprays, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides. Infield territories to shield the harvest from bug assault. It has different applications and is generally utilized in... Read More