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Streatham Gym | Fitness London

Streatham Gym | Fitness London

Submitted by • April 21, 2020

Element Fitness are 45-minute fitness classes inspired by natures elements; earth, water, air and fire. Utilising HIIT, functional training and intensity scaling; workouts are accessible, progressive and sustainable. Choose the coloured wrist band that lets your coach know your energy and or experience level; blue new, green keen, red experienced, black pro! We’ll offer various options per band during the class.

Our class timetable is constantly evolving, and each day has a unique focus, so you have the chance to engage in all the elements of fitness, regardless of what days you can get to class. We've teamed up with Bulldog Gear for the best equipment and give you a plethora of fun things to throw, push, pull and jump on! Like the Elements, we know everything is connected. Health and fitness aren’t just about sweating and crushing workouts.

It's also about recovery and our state of mind. Reset your central nervous system, and relax your mind with our post-workout 2-minute mediations

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