Stair Lift Market Growth and Demand just Published- TMR Study

A stairlift is used for transporting people over stairway who are unable or have problem with climbing the stairs. Such lifts are normally used by elderly people or patients. The stairlifts are installed on rails which are either straight or curved. A stairlift is typically an assembly of rail, seat and motor (A.C.or D.C). In terms of application, straight stair lift is used for single floor or multi floor buildings. Whilst, curved stairlift is mainly used for multistory building or house. Straight stairlifts are mainly made from extruded aluminum and curved stairs. Stairlifts are anticipated to capture the eyes of geriatric population owing to its outstanding features such as they can be folded while not in use. Curved rails are made from materials such as steel or aluminum and can come in various cross-sectional shapes as per the design and customization required. in terms of price, curved stairlifts are costlier when compared with straight stairlifts owing to more length of rail and high power of motor is required. The stairlifts are manufactured in parts and are installed as per the client’s requirements. The manufacturers take the whole responsibility of shipping the parts and stairlift installations. Apart from homes, stairlifts foresee a bright future in case of hill climbing. In the future instance, the global stairlift market is projected to grow with double digit CAGR during the forecast period.

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