Specialties that use telemedicine to enhance the quality of care

The aspect of telemedicine was first introduced during the 1970s. However, it took us more than 50 years to thoroughly understand its importance and incorporate the conventional medical system with it. In any case, it seems to be a long-term investment for us, given the number of benefits Tele-ICU brings to the table.

However, let’s talk a bit about the frequency of telemedicine usage in recent years. As per a report, more than 10,000 virtual consultations were hosted via Microsoft teams in 2020. Additionally, during the same year, the overall telehealth visits were increased by 50% too.

Nonetheless, there’s a misconception running around amongst the crowd is that Tele-ICU is only usable for the COVID-19 pandemic. But, that’s entirely wrong.

eNext ICU provides a complete Tele-Health solution by which several other medical specialties are available to rural populations as well, which can enhance the reach and quality of treatment massively.

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