Some Important Safety Tips When Dealing With Electricity

• Avoid water or wet hands while working with electricity. Increase connectivity.
• Caution should be exercised against using electrical equipment with damaged cables, broken plugs, etc.
• Use an insulated power tool at work and personal protective equipment
• Don't overload the outputs
• Turn off the main switch while working and post a warning sign to prevent the main switch from being turned on by accident
• Know the country's cable code
• Disconnect the power source before servicing or repairing electrical equipment.
• Don't be too smart and try your luck

Silver waves UAE Wiring Accessories:

Silverwavesuae wiring accessories include PVC BS switches and plugs, weather-resistant metal-clad switches and plugs, industrial plugs and sockets, plug covers, multi-pin universal adapters, extension cords, and cable reels.

PVC BS Switches and Plugs: British standard plugs generally come with switches. It is not recommended to install sockets without switches due to the safety risks it presents. By turning it on and off, you can control which outlet is still receiving power. This leads to lower energy consumption and therefore energy savings. In the absence of a switch, you must unplug the cord from the appliance each time and this can lead to damage to the cord and is also quite dangerous if the plug is faulty.

Metal jacketed switches and sockets are made of heavy gauge steel and are impact resistant. They are perfect for factories, workshops, garages, and sheds that require more toughness than normal.

Weather-resistant switches and sockets are a great addition to the outdoor space as they allow power outside and are designed for outdoor applications to avoid water and dust and prevent electrical accidents.

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