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Solar Energy Manufacturers & Solar Panel Suppliers In Mumbai, India

Solar Energy Manufacturers & Solar Panel Suppliers In Mumbai, India

Submitted by • March 13, 2020

Prime Energy India is an all-in-one solar energy provider. Our in-house team takes care of every part of your project, including financing, custom system engineering, installation and ongoing system maintenance and monitoring.
On average, the country has 300 sunny days per year and receives an average hourly radiation of 200 MW/sq. km

Energy Need for Growth

Around 3.4% Global Energy consumed by 17% of Global Population.

The Per capita consumption 631KWs ; much lower compared to Developed countries (eg 7030 KWs by Germany) ,

Around 47% of Rural and 6% Urban Areas, have no access to electricity

Key Drivers for Sustainable Solutions
Corporate Identity Reasons

Much appreciated Green Initiative, reduces carbon footprint.
Can be treated as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Financial Reasons

No Investment
Cost savings from the first year
Controlled power cost for over 25 years
Minimal Maintenance.
Reduced reliance on expensive grid / diesel power

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