Smart Door Lock Dubai – Linus.

Yale’s new Linus® Smart Lock allows residents to lock and unlock their doors no matter where they are. Powered by Yale Access mobile application, Linus® allows for keyless entry and gives residents the ability to see who enters and whether the door is open or closed.

Now, you can say goodbye to worrying whether you forgot to lock your door before leaving home in the morning. Linus locks the door automatically when you shut it from inside or outside.

You never touch the keys again! Even if you have a doubt, you can check the status of the door any time via the Yale Access app remotely.

Using the intuitive Yale Access mobile app, you can access and control your smart door locks remotely with a single touch of a button on your smartphone. You can simply connect it to the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge to share access with trusted guests, view activity and receive notifications or lock and unlock the door from anywhere in the world.

Together with Yale’s trusted partners, Linus® and the Yale Access app have the potential to open up a range of unique possibilities including in-home delivery, short term rental and services like cleaning or babysitting – all of which will simplify our already time pressured lives.

Thanks to capabilities of Linus digital keyless door lock, you can send secure keys to friends, family or people you trust instantly, all from the Yale Access app. Manage and schedule access any time.

Door Locks with Wi-Fi

When it comes to wifi door locks , there are so many options out there in the market. They all offer great functionality but product versatility is not the same among them.

Home security systems are essential because all the precious items are present at the residential place. A person always keeps his home at first priority. Wireless door locks are the instruments that justify the security of home because only the pre-authorized user can access. In absence of these locks, there is an open invitation to thefts and loses. Wifi door locks ar

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