Skyroof Industries is evolving to embrace the modern era of design and functional product developments to offer industry natural lighting products that is not just modern and functional in design, but also makes use of materials that can offer products that is energy efficient, practical, safe, re-useable and strive to obtain the lowest possible impact on the environment. Our motto is ‘DAYLIGHTS OFF MEANS MONEY IN YOUR POCKET”. With power costs spiraling out of control, the need for natural lighting products to assist in with lowering energy consumption will become more necessary.
Skyroof Industries herewith offer single or double glazed sealed skylights and glazing products that bring maximum light into spaces but keep solar and heat gain to a minimum with minimal impact to the environment and long lifespan. A bonus is the fact that we save you money.
Skyroof Industries lights up factories, warehouses, offices, retail outlets, domestic homes, shopping centers and entrances. We also build Patio roofs, refurbish industrial sheet metal roofs, repaint them, fit whirly- birds for ventilation and waterproofing metal roofs. We are also certified agents for the amazing Sunpal multi wall glazing system that is cost effective and aid in bringing light into spaces with minimum heat gain. The product carries an unbeatable 10, 15 and 25 years warranties for different disciplines.
For world class products, service and expertise in natural lighting, your only choice is Skyroof Industries – your vital link with the environment, you can’t go wrong.

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