The breath is our greatest inner resource, and breathing skilfully can support immune and respiratory health. Breathwork, or pranayama, is a key component of Yoga therapy.” Covid affects our breathing, making it difficult to breathe comfortably. Our breathing becomes shallow, increases fatigue and breathlessness. Breathing is quite often negatively affected by this disease, and techniques of Yoga practice that incorporate asana, pranayama and meditation are well suited to assist with Covid recovery. Studies agree that Yoga can be used as complementary support for those at risk, already suffering from, or in a recovery stage of Covid.

Yoga can assist in decreasing general inflammation in our bodies which is a key factor behind Covid’s wide-ranging effects on the body. Regular Yoga practice may well boost immunity. If you are not yet aware of the yoga practice, the easiest way to learn is through online yoga teacher training courses. Covid’s effects on the lungs, as well as inflammation, can affect the proper operation of the alveoli. (Alveoli are tiny balloon-shaped structures and are the smallest passageway in the respiratory system that enables the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

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