Property in Antalya Turkey with View

Antalya is a well-known resort and port in southern Turkey. Currently, Antalya is divided into old and new town. The climate is typical Mediterranean. Here is a hot and dry summer and mild rainy winter.

Huge recreational resources of Antalya made this resort a true “Mecca” for tourists from Europe, Russia and CIS countries. The historic city center is almost not affected by modern development and is of great interest for lovers of national color in architecture combines elements of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman cultures, which is a consequence of the complicated history of the Turkish state. Forty kilometers far from the city center one can see a ski slope with real snow.

In the city, tourists can find a wide variety of bars, cafes and restaurants for every taste and all price. Shopping is one of the favorite tourists’ activities in Antalya. Here there are many markets, shopping malls, luxury boutiques with jewelry, leather and gold. Every year there is growth in the number of foreign tourists visiting this fascinating region.

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