Pharaoh 3D Car Floor Mats – #1 Luxury Car Floor Mats

Have you ever noticed that your car interiors are dirty because of the cheap and poor quality Car Floor Mats you use? The stock or traditional Car Floor Mats from the dealership are mainly made from a commercial rubber material and don’t give you the luxury you deserve. Other Car Floor Mats in the market are made using toxic and cheap rubber material, which usually gives off a robust and pungent order and is very toxic in nature. This industrial rubber material is also known to be harmful to the environment as they are not made using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. In addition, these Car Floor Mats come with a single layer structure that lacks extra cushioning for your feet. The absence of a superior tray design and additional layers in the traditional car floor mats makes it hard to control leaks and spills inside the car. These car floor mats also lack an anti-skid backing that holds the mat in place. All these problems make the traditional Car Floor Mats less durable and hard to maintain.