Persistent Acidity: Symptoms, Reasons and Ayurvedic Treatment

Suffering with persistent acidity problem ? We have a permanent treatment with the help of Right Nutrition and Ayurveda. 21+Years of Expertise- Dr. Tarun Bharti
Dear friends,
If you are regular with antacids, you have to take otc antacids more than once a week, then be warned and careful about your body.
This is not just the acid in the stomach which is problem, but you may be a patient of systematic inflammation. That means your whole body is burning,
and you are feeling the heat.
Your body is shouting with the burning but you are popping up the tablets. You are not allowing your body to scream.
But keep it in mind friends burning is not just there in the stomach it's in the body. Stomach burning is what you have controlled but how about rest of your body.
The free radical that is coming from refined vegetable oils, junk food, sugar and other stuff is tearing you down.
A recent study published in JAMA neurology suggests that older men using antacids to control Acidity are 78% more prone to dementia.