Payroll Outsourcing Service Providers In India

Payroll is the most daunting task of Human Resource department, which needs accuracy and must meet the deadline. Employee satisfaction somewhat depends on the payroll management services, they won’t tolerate the errors in payroll. Our Husys HR professional team designed a Payroll software by keeping in mind all the requirements of SME’s at a diverse range of industries and with different salary structures. We came up with the cloud payroll solutions for any company looking for payroll outsourcing services. Our payroll services company in Bangalore are one of its kind in the market with complete automation.
Let Us Help You Every Step On The Way
Husys has designed its own payroll software that can look after all the requirements without committing a single manual error. Our specialized experts have kept in mind the diverse range of industries including different salary structures and developed a software which can cater to all industry needs.

What We Offer?

• Bring down clients processing costs
• Decreased IT Infrastructure investment.
• Consolidated, error-free reports, and documents with business intelligence.
• Lower risk concerned with compliance and penalties
• Speedy resolution of employee queries.
• Better resource deployment.
• Maintain your complete employee payroll life cycle, from the joining to relieving.

How HR Payroll Solutions Benefit’s You?
• Payroll Reports & Tax Ease of use
• Accounting Software Integration
• Employee Self-Service & Customer Service
• Mobile Accessibility
• Compensation & Incentives Offered
• Better Business Bureau Ratings
• Better Business Bureau Ratings
• Complaints and some other Additional Benefits (in case of Retirements/Special Cases).
Tax and Compliance Management

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