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Patna Women’s College is a premier institution, whose hallmark has always been Quality and Excellence. It was the first institution of higher learning opened to cater to the educational needs of women in Bihar. Bishop Sullivan, the founder, named it Patna Women’s College and presented it as a gift to the Women of Bihar, thereby placing at their disposal an opportunity for higher education. Tt offers diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programs, nurturing holistic development and leadership. Its distinguished alumni contribute to various sectors, embodying its commitment to women's empowerment and societal progress.The college has come a long way from the time the pioneers envisioned and undertook the difficult task of establishing a women’s college at a time when only a few truly enlightened and far-sighted persons were prepared to support this infant project in a place where higher education for women was frowned upon, if not rejected outright.

In the year 1952, a Special Status was given by the Government of Bihar and it became a ‘Constituent College’ of Patna University. On 25.07.2007, the Government of Bihar, officially declared Patna Women’s College as a ‘Religious Minority College’.