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Parason Screen Plates With Quality Stainless Steel

Parason Screen Plates With Quality Stainless Steel

Submitted by • April 16, 2020

Screen plate is used in the screen basket. Screening equipment is an important operational system for pulp processing. Screen plate is situated in pulper. The stator and rotor are placed on the screen plate. Pulper has a rotor inside the machine that grinds and mixes the pulp evenly.

The pulp is made of fiber material obtained from trees and other waste material like office paper, newspaper, vegetable fiber, etc. all the fiber is taken to the pulper machine and is cut down into small pieces and mixed with water. The waste fiber contains contaminants, also the uncut fiber is separated with the help of the screen plate.

Contaminants may damage the product as well as the machine. It is necessary to separate the contaminants from pulp to get efficient results.

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