Our Gaumata In A2milk gosrushti

Our Gwalas live with their Gir Cows in Manchar – Shikrapur belt in Pune
Our cows are kept in open spaces (without tying) in small groups of 40 – 50.
Each group has one bull for natural mating.
They are taken for grazing during the day time in open grazing fields. This
brings our cows in direct contact of sunlight and helps to increase nutrional
value of milk.
Our calves have first right of mother’s milk. After feeding them, our Gwala’s
hand milks the cow. We don’t use machine for milking as it over-
squeezesand dries the udder.
Our Cows are not given any hormonal injection, etc. For us our cows are part
of a family and not commodity

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