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Netgear Router Login Setup

Netgear Router Login Setup

Submitted by • August 17, 2020

Netgear Router Login is the default IP Address used for the configuration of the Netgear router. With the help of this address, you can configure the router to its default setting, login into the router and enjoy the hassle-free internet services. You can also login to the internet remotely if you want to manage the wifi network while you are away. Here, we will show both ways of Netgear Router login, locally and remotely.

Netgear Router Login: Let’s Get Started!

Use the network cable, attach its one end to the ‘Port 1’ present on the backside of Netgear Router.
Connect the other end of the network cable to ‘RJ45/Network Port’ available on your computer and laptop.
Make sure that your computer and laptop are powered on, booted up and in a ready state.
Insert the power cord to the backside Netgear Router, and AC Adapter to working power outlet.
Let the router power-up, it will take approximately 3 minutes until the router login Netgear is all set to operate.
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