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My Mirror’s Reflection

My Mirror’s Reflection

Submitted by • October 3, 2020

"My mirrors reflection" is a unique novel that narrates a story of a twelve year old boy who is exposed to an uneventful situation in his life, of witnessing his parent’s murder, he begins to search for the killers, and his only motive in this world is to avenge them by all means. Things become difficult as he approaches solving the case, discovering many mysteries that he was not aware of. Frightened of his own reflection and the constant nightmares that lead him to another realm where he faces more obstacles...
It should be mentioned that the authors creativity in describing the same hero and diving into the inner depth of the main persona, reaching a stage where the reader sympathise with him. Ambiguity always dominates the endings, the author chooses not to kill the suspenseful events the character faces so that the reader can thoroughly enjoy each chapter within.
The "Mirrors Reflection" is a detective novel, dramatic and mostly a psychological thriller, the author advises the re

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