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Musicians Can Now Double Up Their Earning With JamJar App

Musicians Can Now Double Up Their Earning With JamJar App

Submitted by • May 6, 2019

The true beauty of music is that it connects people. JamJar is all about music and musicians. We all are in a era where artists can gain fame without the middleman. All thanks to the digitization that we now can access music from all around the world. We can hear lots of new talents emerging on apps like youtube, instagram, facebook etc. But they still are in a constant need of a platform where they not just can get noticed but earn too.

JamJar is an app that is solution to their need. You can earn with every gig on Jamjar. App is dedicated to help budding artists to earn more that too directly by their fans. It gives one an immense feeling of love and pride when your fans directly compliments or criticize you. JamJar provides you a platform where you can showcase your musical talent and let others listen and give you feedback. We sing to touch soul and that's what you can let your fans judge.

Whenever a band or musician play in a club or any event fans are ought to request to play

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