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MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication was designed and developed to add more security checks to the login process. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions help to improve the security of the business by adding multiple authentication measures. Before getting access to something, the user is required to submit additional information to verify their identities such as a text message, or OTP (One Time Password), or your biometrics like a fingerprint before the user can access the account that may have sensitive or important information or controls. By adding multiple authentication measures, you can better prove that someone is whom they say they really are. On the other hand, it is a way harder for someone else to get access to your accounts or sensitive data.

Multi-factor Authentication Solutions Helps to Protect Your Account With:
Something you know: like a ‘password.’
Something you have: like a ‘phone’ or ‘security key’ you have.
Something you are: like ‘biometrics.’
If your password is stolen, scammers will be requiring these factors to access your account.

Is two-factor authentication the same as multi-factor authentication?
A two-factor authentication solution is a form of multi-factor authentication. However, 2FA is not same as MFA. 2 factor authentication solutions require only two authentication measures: your password and a code generated by an app or your smartphone, or a fingerprint.

Multi-factor authentication solutions on the other hand goes beyond two authentication measures and include three or more such as password, push notification, fingerprint, or contextual factors. The best multi-factor authentication solutions include a combination of biometrics and contextual factors. True Multi-factor authentication solutions are the strongest options because the ability to add more authentication measures is a result of proving someone’s identity and significantly reducing the risk of successful attacks.

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